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Samba Olywa (based in OLYmpia, WAshington) is an amateur percussion and dance group dedicated to building community through the learning and sharing of Samba and other rhythms. We provide the opportunity for anyone, regardless of experience, to join us as we take our spirited and joyous energy to the streets and to the stage.

It all started in 1995 as part of the Procession of the Species Celebration, The Olympia community's honoring of our natural world through the public making and sharing of art, music and dance. At first the group formed just for the Procession; little by little there were invitations to play for other events. About 1998 the group began practicing and gigging year round.

Samba Olywa performs several times a year throughout the Puget Sound region. Our performances range from small performances at private functions, to large community celebrations throughout the Sound. Visit our Facebook page (below) for photos and clips of our gigs.

To find out more about some of the dances and rhythms we perform, visit our What is Samba? page

Our Steering Committee - facilitates the basic functions of Samba Olywa.

  • Music Chair: David Moseley
  • Dance Chair: Steve Passero and Paul Bakke
  • Costume Chair: Carol Riley
  • Logistics: Skip Albertson
  • Treasurer: Sharon Hong
  • Member-at-Large: Janet Notarianni
  • Communications: Juli Kelen

Contact us with questions about participation or to schedule a gig

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Sound Kids Drum and Dance (Sound Kids) is a collaboration which started in 1999 between Samba Olywa members, educators, parents, and the community. SSKDD has been providing expertise, instruments and opportunities for children to learn and share percussive music and dance. Sound Kids is active in and around Thurston County public schools.

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