Connecting Land Use, Water Quality & Human Health
Oil Spills or Earthquakes - Exploring Trans-boundary Ecosystem Alternatives

Specializing in water resource quantity and quality, purification and filtration, pollution mitigation, education & community support.

Personal, Community, Regional and International. Contact us to compliment your objectives.

"...With less than half of one percent of the total water on the planet available as fresh water, the relationship between water quality and the quality of our own human health and welfare is inescapable."  " Water to Drink"

Over 25 years of experience in ecosystem hydrology, community health and environmental planning.

Communities Connected by Water

Our services provide resource assessment, monitoring and management strategies, combining non-profit, professional and communityefforts.

Join us in Sustaining Watersheds and the People who Need Them!

"Traversing every geographic, cultural, and political boundary, water remains unbiased among those it helps or hinders, spreading wisdom through moisture among mineral, plant and animal... "Water Voices"

Acting Globally & Locally ...,
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Connecting land use, water quality and human health


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