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"Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis, and the crisis of democracy."
Vandana Shiva

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf goats joined The Iron Horse Farm in 2014 to control invasive Himalayan blackberries and ivy. Nigerians are hardy dairy goats and produce large quantities of sweet milk.

Dam: Camanna RRD Crema Gelato
Sire: Cammana RM Bacio Gelato
DOB 5/7/16 Kidded five.

G1Cocco - Doeling - brown eyes - disbudded - SOLD Gorgeous.
G2Caramella - Doeling - brown eyes - disbudded - SOLD Exceptionally friendly.

G5Camanna RRD Crema Gelato - SOLD

G6Left Foot Farm Doey - SOLD

G7Cammana RM Bacio Gelato - SOLD

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