Adult soccer in the Olympia area...

Spring Soccer 2017 - Coed League - Thursdays

Updated 5/16/2017

A Pirates black
B Oly Stubbies FC green/black
C Misfits black
D Jesters yellow
E Those Guys teal
F Merica red
G Ninja Turtles green
H Scorpions orange
I Mixers red/white
J Thundering Eggplants white
K Renegades gold
L Olympians blue
M Legendary dark grey
N L. C. Foxes royal Blue
O Killer unicorns pink
P Farfrumskorin red

3/30 4/6 4/13 4/20 4/27 5/4 5/11 5/18 5/19 5/25 5/26 6/1 6/5 6/8
RAC #1 6:00 GvE AvB JvP AvG IvK HvC DvH NvK   KvO   MvK   JvN
RAC #1 7:40 PvI EvF DvA DvF MvN OvL CvG BvE   CvD   JvL   LvK
RAC #2 6:00 BvD DvC KvM BvH OvP NvI EvA     AvC FvC OvL  
RAC #3 6:00          IvJ   FvG NvI HvC GvD
RAC #3 7:40               EvF
RAC #4 6:00            JvM   FvA HvA
RAC #5 6:00         IvO   NvP   GvB PvK PvM
RAC #6 6:00 NvJ GvH HvE CvE EvD FvA BvF MvL GvH AvB     
RAC #6 7:40             OvP   
TESC #1 6:00 OvM IvJ NvO OvJ HvF PvK LvP        
TESC #2 6:00 AvC KvL LvI LvN CvB JvM MvI        

NOTE - dates in yellow are NOT on Thursday!

  • REMINDER: Report your game scores and sportsmanship ratings within 72 hours to
  • Home team is listed first and must provide game ball and corner cones.
  • Please remember to turn in team rosters at or before your first game.
  • League rules, additional roster forms, and schedules can also be found on our website.
  • The SWSA Rainout number is 360-519-SWSA (7972). We will update the machine by 4:30 p.m. on game days for any field closures.

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