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"the power of song for peace..."

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If you prefer, you may also send a check to:
The Olympia Peace Choir, PO Box 6354, Olympia WA, 98507

Thank you for considering a donation to The Olympia Peace Choir.

When you support The Olympia Peace Choir, you’re energizing one hundred-plus community voices with the power of song and the message of peace, social justice, and environmental stewardship.

Your generosity helps fund our rehearsal space, music acquisition, and costs related to pulling it all together. Every dollar you donate is used to build a more vital and flourishing choir.

A contribution to The Olympia Peace Choir is an investment in extraordinary impact.

The Olympia Peace Choir is a non-profit IRS designated 501 c(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed under federal tax law.

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