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Welcome to the Northwest Olympia Neighborhood Association Website!

Who we are

The Northwest Olympia Neighborhood Association (NWONA) is a non-profit association of your neighbors who are interested in promoting the quality of life for the residents of our community. NWONA's mission is to enhance the livability of our community through citizen participation at all levels of our community. We strive to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate.

Our neighborhood is the place where we live - the land we share in common. It is where we raise our families, our children attend school, take evening strolls to walk the dog, ride our bikes, and socialize with our friends. NWONA consists of a collection of home owners, business owners and home renters. The membership is diverse it is made of young and old, students and workers. Our strength comes from being able to speak with an organized voice in the community.

Stay Informed

We try diligently to keep our neighbors informed of what is happening. To that end we have three resources which help to inform and provide ways to connect with your neighbors.

  • NWONA blog - This is a site where we post events, information and articles of interest. You can subscribe to this blog and get an email whenever a new article is posted.
  • NextDoor - We provide an internal social network for neighbors to connect and conversations. This is only available to those who live in the neighborhood but if you do live within the boundaries, please join and be a part of the conversation!
  • Ask to be a part of our mailing list, we promise not to spam you unnecessarily. To join the list, please contact us.
We hope to see you around the neighborhood!

Thank you!

Upcoming Events

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