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2016 Fruit Sale

It is time once again for the Community for Interfaith Celebration (CIC) annual fundraiser. We are selling grapefruit, organic satsumas, organic fair trade chocolate and two fair trade coffees. Also, new this year, we are offering navel oranges (rather than juice oranges), pecans, and dates - all organic. As usual, we pass on all of our profits to worthy causes. This year's worthwhile beneficiaries are:

  • Meals at the Community Kitchen - The Community Kitchen is open seven days a week for three meals a day and is operated by Catholic Community Services. Fruit sale proceeds will allow CIC volunteers to buy food for the monthly dinner we prepare and serve for over 200 individuals. http://www.ccsww.org/site/PageServer?pagename=homeless_communitykitchen

  • Olympia Pie Bakerís Guild - Proceeds will underwrite the small operating costs of the PieFest in February 2017. This fundraiser benefits the Thurston County Food Bank and Senior Nutrition Program, and raised $10,000 last year. http://www.olypie.org/

  • Interfaith Works Overnight Emergency Shelter - Since November 1, 2014, the Shelter has provided beds for 37 "highly vulnerable" single adults and couples without children. The program has been a great success: beds have been full every night since they opened, and guests are linked with mental health, housing and medical providers. Recently, the 90-year-old pipes burst at the Shelter's host site, First Christian Church, necessitating a $56,000 repair. The Shelter's share of the repair bill puts its operating funds for direct service at risk of exhaustion before the fiscal year end. http://www.iwshelter.org

  • Garden-Raised Bounty (GRuB) - Simply put, GRuB grows healthy food, people and community. GRuB will use this funding to sponsor a "Roots" Workshop, which puts the best parts of their youth engagement model to work in an entry level workshop for adults and partners in the greater Olympia area. Roots workshops are an opportunity for GRuB's community to build skills in empathy and cooperation and to ultimately help cultivate a more just and multicultural community. http://www.goodgrub.org

  • The Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County - The Dispute Resolution Center helps approximately 4,000 people a year work towards peaceful solutions to their conflicts through conflict resolution and mediation services, and trains South Sound community members in those skills. Proceeds will be used to fund the Peacemaker Club, which promotes conflict resolution skills and restorative justice practices through an after-school program serving elementary school students. http://mediatethurston.org/

  • Smiles for Lyme - Funding will be used to provide two Smiles boxes for individuals suffering from Lyme disease. These boxes contain useful and welcome items that will brighten the day of a Lyme patient. http://www.smilesforlyme.com/

  • Empowered Hands for PANS (EHP) - EHP raises awareness of, and provides support for families suffering from PANS and PANDA, two autoimmune conditions in which the immune system attacks the brain. Funding will be used to provide care packages for children undergoing IVIg treatment. http://www.empoweredhandsforpans.org

  • South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group: SPSSEG maintains Kennedy Creek trail, our region's premier salmon-viewing trail. Over 5000 students and local residents visit the trail each year to view tens of thousands of wild chum salmon spawning in their natural environment. SPSSEG requests funding to purchase polarized glasses that will increase the visibility of the fish and enhance visitor engagement. http://spsseg.org/kennedy-creek/

So what exactly is CIC selling to support these important organizations and efforts?

Fruit Information

The tree-ripened ruby red grapefruit are grown in Florida. The satsumas and navel orages are both organically grown in California, and make lovely treats during the holiday season. The boxes are generous and guaranteed fresh, and the fruit has always been of very high quality. We are also offering bags of organically grown pecans from Arizona and organic medjool dates from Coachella, CA this year.

Chocolate Product Information

We are offering organic fair trade chocolate from Theo Chocolate Company, the only bean-to-bar, organic and fair trade chocolate company in the US.† For more information on this Seattle company go to https://www.theochocolate.com/††

Coffee Product Information

Finally, to round out the fruit and chocolate, we are offering two coffee options this year.

Coffee Rwanda: Through sale of this coffee, Coffee Rwanda invests in the future of the poorest people in Rwanda, who have been "left behind by history" and their neighbors. Many of these people were once known as Batwa Pygmies, now called the "Community of Potters". In the past few years, Rwanda has gone from a complete unknown in the specialty coffee industry to becoming the source of some of the finest coffees in East Africa. Coffee Rwanda has no paid employees (very low overhead) and all profits go to the communities. Check out http://www.coffeerwanda.com We are offering a 12"ounce bag of whole bean roast - a†blend of 80% dark 20% medium which will make an amazing dark and spicy cup.

Covabrelli Coffee: This Tumwater, Washington roaster offers coffee that is fair trade, organic, and sustainably farmed. We are offering a 12-ounce bag of their organic whole bean roast from a cooperative in Bolivia. The ASOCAFE Fair Trade Cooperative is comprised of 100 active members and 200 indirect members. Their small farms are located above 4500 feet in elevation in the fertile Caranavi province under a lush jungle canopy. The coffee has caramel body, brown sugar and notes of berry in the finish. Learn more about this local roaster at http://covabrelli.com/

Order Delivery and Pick Up

We expect to deliver your order to your home (or office) December 2-December 4. Be sure to include your address on the order form as well as directions to your house and any special requests. We will leave your delivery on your porch if you are not home. We are happy to deliver to residents of Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey. However, if you live particularly far out but come in to town regularly, please suggest an in-town drop off location or pick up at our warehouse Thursday, Dec 1 from 3-5pm, Friday, Dec 2 from 3-5 pm, Saturday, Dec 3 from 9am-2pm or Sunday, Dec 4 from 10am"2pm. (1011 Ethridge Ave NE, Oly 98506) Please indicate on the order form that you will do this.

Thurston County Food Bank Donations

We also facilitate donating fruit, chocolate and coffee to the Thurston County Food Bank. If you wish to participate, please fill out the designated portion of your order form or just designate that you want a monetary donation to go to the Food Bank. When you write your check, remember to add the Food Bank Donation amount with your Personal Order. We will deliver your contribution to the Food Bank.

Payment Options

  1. Print off a copy of the order form, fill it out and send with your check made out to "CIC Fruit Sale" to:

    CIC Fruit Sale, 210 17th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501


  2. Return your order form and payment to your CIC salesperson.


  3. Online ordering is closed as of November 30th.

Orders received by November 12 are guaranteed!

We always order extra fruit, chocolate and coffee, however, we sometimes run out so don't delay and make sure we have your form ASAP!

Thank you for supporting this fundraising effort and the designated charitable organizations. If you have any questions, please email Lori at cicfruitsale2016@gmail.com or call Karen at 786-9297. If e-mail is a good way to communicate with you in the future; please include your e-mail address on the order form.

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