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2017 Trip to India

September 20 to November 4

  • September 22 New Delhi arrival at 5:15 AM

  • September 22 to October 3, Chandigarh for Global Youth Peace Festival, (YUVSATTA.org), and visit schools

  • October 3 to 9 Rajsamand, ANUVIBHA at Children's Peace Palace, visit schools

  • October 10 to 16 Belgaum, Ghatprabha Patil ji and his team members are running many projects for socio-economic development of the area and for the marginalized youth.

  • October 17 to 20 Chennai, Harigan Seva Sangh, Tamil Nada State

  • October 21 to 25 Viskhaputnanam, Andhra University, Institute of Gandhian Studies, GITAM University, public meeting

  • October 26 to November 2 Wardha , Sevagram Ashram and the Institute of Gandhian Studies: Sevagram International Congress on Non-violent Economy and Peaceful World

  • November 4 return to Olympia
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